Some of our testimonials



"The best ice cream!"

- Lucine

"It is the place where Newton residents go to celebrate a school victory or a family milestone. The staff are folks you have watched grow up friendly, hardworking, and polite. Oh, and the ice cream is tops, too!"

- James

"Cabot's IS Newton to me. It is the only landmark that has never changed and never needed too. The marble counter, metal chairs, flavored Cokes, banana ice cream, open kitchen. I know I'm home when I go to Cabot's."

- Brian

"The staff is awesome, and you have the best patty melt ever!"

- Laurie

"Grew up in Newton eating at Cabot's. Lots of great memories and one of my must stops when I'm visiting from SC!"

- Patty

"Worked there as a waitress many years ago. It was my first waitress job, which started into a career I did for a lot of years, which turned into restaurant manager. I can honestly say that, out of all the restaurants I worked at, Cabot's was the best. Very fond memories. Wish I wasn't 3000 miles away I would eat there all the time."

- Natalie

"Great food and great service!"

- Tim

"Love Cabot's! Best banana ice cream ever!"

- Patryce

"First time diner last night. Amazing service, yummy food and ice cream! :-)"

- Kimm

"Best black and white frappes ever! Brings me right back to when I was a kid and going there with my family."

- Cathy

"Best sundae experience on Earth."

- Liz

"Every month, I enjoy a dinner and a frappe with my Nana and Papa in the corner booth by the window. Thank you for helping us make delicious memories together that I will treasure forever!"

- Kara

"In one word: unforgettable!"

- Marianne

"Best ice cream around!"

- Lucine

"The best in all the states. Truly amazing!"

- Teresa

"A great reason to get together with friends, and the ice cream is great too."

- Al

"A place I've often driven over 75 miles to for a Bittersweet Hot Fudge Sundae."

- Lauren

"The ice cream brings them in, but the service keeps them coming back!"

- John

"One of the last best ice cream joints still standing!"

- Steven

"The place I took my children for meals and ice cream and the place I take my grandchildren for meals and ice cream. The place my nephew worked."

- Nancy

"A place that serves up poignant and happy memories as well as ice cream!"

- Jessica

"Favorite landmark from childhood!"

- Janet

"Cabot's has earned its place as a Newton landmark!"

- Larry

"Every time I land in Boston, first stop is Cabot's!"

- Barbara

"Fabulous, friendly, generous, and the best food and dessert anywhere!"

- Barbara

"Best family dinner."

- Erin

"Cabot's is like a family tradition with us - been going off and on for over 30 years now. My grandson is hooked on the hot fudge brownie sundae! Who would have guessed, it was freezing out - and we went for ice cream :-) Although there was hot chocolate, apple pie and a banana wheel sundae on the table also. No place like Cabot's!"

- Jean

"Cabot's has always been the "go-to" place with our daughters after sporting events and plays, or just for family time. It's a great local establishment!"

- Susan

"Cabot's has the best ice cream and old school ice cream parlor menu!"

- Laura

"We love the french fries, breakfasts, specials, and, oh yea, the ICE CREAM!"

- Jean

"Best milkshakes and sundaes in Boston."

- Steve

"Amazing, affordable and original. Doesn't get any better than that."

- Melissa

"A nostalgic, comfortable, delicious place to relax and make new memories with my family."

- Nicolle